Mo- 21

When you're with someone you trust, you never think they can harm you. When I was ten years old and watching Naruto with a stuffed animal in my arms I felt it. I felt him get closer and closer until he was on top of my back. I knew what about to happen, and I didn't understand why ... because he was someone I trusted. I begged him to stop but all I could hear was his belt being unbuckled. I screamed at the top of my lungs because it hurt and he stopped. He hugged me saying he didn't know what she was doing and that he would never hurt me again. The next night she snuck into my room, finally succeeding in the end. It continued whenever he felt I'm the mood for it. Buying me toys and giving me money. No matter how much I fought back and begged he wouldn't and I was stuck. For 10 years I was stuck.

The whole time I was there I kept it to myself because I was so ashamed. And I guess because he was someone I trusted I thought that it was normal. Every daughter goes through this...until I realized it wasn't so when I turned 18 I was finally brave enough... Well I was manic and blurted it out. The relief I had after telling someone was so immense I didn't know what to do with myself. He made me think that he was the only one who loved me. I still struggle a lot but I'm getting's so much better tell someone and get help. Because you are so much more then what people say.

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