Anonymous- 20

I was 17 at the time, at a party at someone’s house I didn’t know. I only knew like 2-3 girls I was with. I’m sure you can gather, there was drinking among other things taking place. One of the boys who lived there, saw how messed up I was and under the influence, he was all over me, I don’t know if I was roofied or if I had just been doing too much, but I was in a state where I couldn’t defend myself but I knew I didn’t want it at all. He wouldn’t listen and continued to touch me and invade my space. He tried to take me upstairs multiple times but I managed to call one of my friends and they got me out of there before it went further than it already had. And I thank god that they got there quick enough.

This is one of the worst feelings you can ever go through personally. Nobody really knows because I always felt like it would be one of those situations where people tell me it’s my fault and that I should’ve been more careful, or not dressed a certain way. If I could tell myself or anyone else something, I would tell them that they shouldn’t ever feel that way. It doesn’t matter how much you drink, what you wear, how you look, how nice you are, at the end of the day…no means no.

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Bayleigh- 18

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