Michelle- 16

My story isnt put together well, i dont remember most of what happened and i guess thats my brain doing its job but its started when i was 12 right after my birthday. My family went on their first vacation with my moms sister and their family including my cousin, nate, he was also 12 i think. He started getting touchy and when i told my mom she told me boys play differently which led into 3 years of me being mostly silent. he tried to drown me if i didnt comply but "boys will be boys". He never stopped, i still dont know why he did it to me of all people. i started acting out so she homeschooled me and made me go to their house every single weekend no matter how much i begged and cried. I finally went to the police but nothing was done and he lives a perfect life with his perfect family hiding the things he did to me as a child. No matter how much i begged and bled and cried no one was there for me and for that i say thanks mom.

i guess i feel relieved i can finally open up about it. No child should ever go through that, and if you are someone who is or has been dont be afraid to speak up and if one people doesn't listen someone else will. You dont deserve that torture and pain. I wish i had told someone else sooner. Its gonna easier not better but easier and i believe it can get easier for you too. if your reading this i believe in you, youre loved and very important. Dont stop fighting for your happiness and safety.

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