Anonymous- 16

When I was 2 years old, a woman took guardianship of me and she had 3 other children who were older than me because she was 50+ years old. Her eldest son Micheal used to be really close with me due to him living with us. I called him Mickey, he took me to movies, he took me to football games and he was like an uncle to me rather than a foster brother. He was nice to me for a little bit but then, as i got older, i noticed he was verbally, mentally and emotionally abusive towards my mum/guardian and he became aggressive towards me too. He would never hit me but I was still scared. A few years later when i was around the age 7, I noticed he was always touching my thighs, torso and slapping my ass while going up stairs or walking behind me. He would also urge me to let him pick me up and wrap my legs around him so that my pelvis and other parts were pressing up against his. One day when my guardian, him and I were in the car, he mentioned how he always had to stop me from grinding my teeth whilst I was sleeping and in that moment I knew something was very wrong. As soon as he said that I realized that he was creepy and i sort of pieced everything together in my head. He always came up to my room and watched me for 10 minutes at a time while I was sleeping, he was apparently “stopping me from grinding my teeth” when i slept and was always what i though was, inappropriately touching me. I never realized until a few weeks ago that it wasn’t normal to have that type of relationship with my uncle but don’t know who to tell.


Tell someone. It’s not normal and I know it’s a scary thing to realize but please reach out. It will eat you alive if you don’t.

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