Anonymous- 19

It started when i was 15. it was one of my best friends. we all trusted him. he took me to the room when and yk everyone came with. he made everyone leave. and he just did whatever he wanted no matter what i said. i couldn’t be loud cuz i was embarrassed that i let it happen. then a few months later. one of my other “friends” let me come hit his vape. didn’t think anything of it. and he just followed me. touching me. after i would continuously say no and to stop. then small things happened for years. and then again last night. man was drunk trying to touch on me and make me go to bed before him and get me drunk after saying he thought it was okay to make moves on a drunk girl. then tried getting me to get absolutely trashed so i wouldn’t remember anything.

it makes me feel like i’m gross and that it’s all anyone ever wants. but it’s not. you’re so much more than that. you’re amazing.

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Bayleigh- 18

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Nicole- 23

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