Jess- 33

I was sexually abused for my entire childhood by a male family friend. Anything and everything you could imagine - he did to me. By age 11, I felt like a shell of a person. No confidence. No self-worth. No trust. This lead to years of unhealthy relationships with boys in my teen years, and then an abusive relationship for over a decade. Throughout my teens and adult life, I’d experienced several sexual assaults of varying degrees of severity. Even being assaulted by my ex husband on many occasions. Now separated, I feel like I finally get to reclaim my body as mine. To protect my peace and show my children what it means to love yourself.

It is NEVER your fault. The way people treat you is their responsibility, not yours. The guilt belongs to them. You did not deserve it. You are not broken. Or damaged. You are beautiful, strong, capable. I love you.

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Bayleigh- 18

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Nicole- 23

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