Anonymous- 23

It was my senior year in college. I was hanging out with someone who I thought was my friend. He made a move and I told him no. He tried again later and when I said no he got physical with me. He pinned me down and raped me. I froze. It was the worst few minutes of my life. I told my school and they just said it was my fault I hung out with me.

I still suffer from this assault. It was the worst thing ever. I don’t trust anyone and it’s difficult to be in new situations. I would tell them it was not their fault.

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Bayleigh- 18

I was sexually assaulted by a family friend I called my grandfather. Every summer i would go and visit him and his wife for the...

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Nicole- 23

I was 7 playing hide and go seek with my brother and cousins. I was hiding with my oldest cousin (15) when he forced his...

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