Anonymous- 22

I was around 7 years old, he was 12, and my stepbrother at the time. He would bully me and I would go to my room crying. My mother (as any parent would) told him to go apologize. He would come in my room set me on his lap and sexually assault me. That was no apology. That was abuse. I knew what he was doing was wrong, made me feel uncomfortable, and needed to stop. I was so young I didn't know there was a word for him molesting me so in the best way I could, I told my mom and his father. And well, I didn't explain well enough because although my abuse stopped, he continued living under the same house for 6 more years. I will only write on my personal experience but his abuse continued and progressed in the home.


This experience altered my brain chemistry and as a devoloping child a part of my soul was dimmed.The physical trauma trapped in my body has been challenging to overcome. I started doing yoga and didn't realize how helpful it would be in releasing trauma. I recommend yoga or any physical therapy for survivors. The most important things I've learned is you must advocate for yourself and it's okay to speak up. Also be very aware who you allow into your household and around your children. Anyone can be capable of violent, gross behavior. In this society we like to hide from the truth- what young men are willing to do. People do not want to believe that young boys are capable of sexual violence. Much love🖤

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