Anonymous- 18

when i was a little girl i was at my grandmas house and my aunts friends husband and her kids were living there at the time since they were separated. my mom and dad dropped me off at my grandmas while they went out, and then she decided to go out to and left me there with him. after dinner i fell asleep on the couch, and i woke up and to him assaulting me. he still had his beer in his hand and j could smell it. i remember it so vividly even to this day, and i specifically remember his black socks because i just kept staring down the couch at his feet waiting for it to be over

this has affected my entire life. how i feel about myself, and how it has impacted any kind of sexual activity i have with my boyfriend or anyone previously. i feel like because it happened when i was so young, it altered me subconsciously. as i got older around the 13/14 mark i realized i was maturing and was terrified. i’ve been wearing baggy clothes since because i hate it when others look at me. it can make you feel worthless and like you’re nothing more than an object but it’s not true. anyone that has gone through sexual assault needs to know that you are more than your body, and it is never your fault ❤️

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