Anonymous- 18

I was 10 when it started it was at night and my parents had went to bed and my step brother got on top on me held me down and told me we was going to play doctor he did that for 3 years until I was finally strong enough to fight him back I told my parents what happened but it was not my kid so now I no longer have a relationship with my family and I still to this day has night mares and my bf will wake up to me screaming no I wish this would never happen to anyone

Fight back don’t give in and I’ve been told how to move forward is to forgive them and it’s a battle you will have

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Bayleigh- 18

I was sexually assaulted by a family friend I called my grandfather. Every summer i would go and visit him and his wife for the...

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Nicole- 23

I was 7 playing hide and go seek with my brother and cousins. I was hiding with my oldest cousin (15) when he forced his...

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