Anonymous- 39

When I was 15 at a party I passed out and had woken up to my brother‘s best friend on top of an inside of me. I remember the state of pure shock I was in. My brother never believed me because he saw me flirting with him earlier in the night, but I also knew not to trust my brother since he had been touching me since I was 12. I would pretend to be asleep in hopes that he would just leave my room but he would try to put his hand in my pants or rub on me.

It’s not your fault. No matter how worthless you may feel it’s never your fault. Tell someone so it never happens to you or anyone else ever again

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Bayleigh- 18

I was sexually assaulted by a family friend I called my grandfather. Every summer i would go and visit him and his wife for the...

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Nicole- 23

I was 7 playing hide and go seek with my brother and cousins. I was hiding with my oldest cousin (15) when he forced his...

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