Anonymous- 19

I was abused as a child. After moving I thought it would all be okay but it wasn’t. I was 17 when I realized I was being assaulted as a kid by my school psychologist. I thought of him as a good person for so long but now I feel nothing but fear when I hear his name. Until recently there had only been one man in my life that hadn’t hurt me. But for the past 19 years I’ve lived in fear of trusting people and allowing myself to be okay, I still have problems letting myself be okay but it’s getting better. It’ll always get better it just takes time, healing isn’t linear.

It feels good to be able to open up about this especially since I never really told anyone. To anyone that’s gone through this or something similar, it’ll be okay. Just remember that they can’t take away who you are. It’ll hurt and it’s going to be difficult I won’t lie but you’ll heal, you’ll be happy, you’ll go through moments where it feels like you never will but you will I promise.

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