Anonymous- 18

A week right before my 17th birthday I had gone out with a friend for breakfast.. we talked about it the night before . We never made it to breakfast. We got into my car and he told me to pull over so we can talk ,, one thing led to another and before I knew it his hands were down my pants . I told him to stop , he didn’t ; I told him again and he didn’t ; it took me 4 times to tell him and I pushed him off me . He didn’t bother to ask me what’s wrong and I told him I had to go . When I tried speaking up about it , his family threatened me and told me that it didn’t happen . His cousins came after me telling me to stop spreading lies , he was 19 at the time . Up to this day I haven’t told anyone what exactly happened.

This made me feel invalidated. That people believed his side of the story more than mine because he was older and had an advantage. My piece of advice is no matter how hard it is , weather it happened recently or a while ago. Let your story be heard . Don’t ever look down on yourself because others don’t think your telling the truth because at the end of the day you know and that’s what made you come so far . You are as strong as they come and no matter what that is your story . That is what you survived.

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