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During my early years in college I met my boyfriend and became very close with one of his friends. The friend was very nice and helped me with my issues and I trusted him too fast. He would comment on body frequently in sexual ways talking about my chest and my butt. And I ignored it because everyone one always lets him slide with anything since “he’s always like that.” One night he tried to kiss me and all I did was say no but I should have told my bf then. Slowly it got worse. Some nights he would spend the night at my bfs while I was there and my bf would sleep between us. One of the nights he grabbed my chest while everyone was sleeping and then told others that I put his hand there. There was more that he did but I’m not going to dive too deep into it. After a while I decided to tell my bf. This friend was so manipulative and prides himself in it. I was terrified of saying anything because I thought he would find a way to end my relationship with my bf. Now I realize even more things he had done now that he isn’t in my life. But I see him all the time because he’s still in the college club I was in. I don’t go anymore because of him but I still see them around campus and follow them on Instagram. I miss going to the meeting it was a break from my busy school schedule. Also the worst part for me is that he isn’t even a student and the student organized clubs are meant for students. Anyway, I do feel better about the situation and I’m mostly over it.


It was really hard for me because he was such a close friends with me and other people I know as well. In writing this I’m nervous to post this since I don’t really think of what happened to me as SA even though it is. One of my friends told me it was SA when I told her about it and I was a little shocked. If anything like this ever happens to you I’d advise you to speak up. I did loose some friends in the process Try to speak up sooner that I did. Non-consensual touch or sexual comments that make you uncomfortable should not happen. It is not the best feeling but I encourage you to speak up because you deserve better.

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