Anonymous- 15

there’s multiple stories, but i’ll go with the most recent. he was my boyfriend, we had just gotten together maybe a week before. i went to his house and otw there was texting him saying i didn’t wanna rush into anything and just wanted to have a nice day together, he said okay and he was alright with it, but once i was there and we were abt an hour and a half into a movie, he started to.. yk without my consent. his two brothers were in the room. he’s in my science class and still puts his hands on me sometimes.

it makes me feel gross, dirty, violated, like all i am is a body. talking to someone who’s had it happen to them too, i’d tell them they have my whole heart and i’m here to listen to their stories, and provide them with my support

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Bayleigh- 18

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Nicole- 23

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