Katie- 22

I was new to town and a coworker said he would take me out to dinner so i wouldn’t be eating alone again. he picked me up from my crew-house and took me out for dinner, after we ate he wouldn’t bring me back to the crew-house, he refused. he took me to his hotel and said we could hang out for a bit before he brought me back, that’s when he raped me. i had no way back to where i was staying, as i had no clue where i was or where i needed to go. i was stuck with him for the night until he took me back to the crew-house where i had to get ready to go work with him that day. i found out a couple weeks later that i had been pregnant with my at the time boyfriends baby, but due to the sexual assault i miscarried.

I am still processing what happened and trying to over come the fear that i have. i refuse to be around men unless i have a friend or my partner with me. i stopped being so outgoing with new people. i would tell someone else who has gone through this that it gets better, the thoughts and dreams aren’t so vivid or intrusive after a while, it takes time but you learn to put a little more trust in new people. you’ll always have your guard up, but you learn the red flags so much faster.

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Bayleigh- 18

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