Her- 23

It started with a DM which led to giving him my number. We talked for days. He was sweet and caring. We decided to meet each other for a cyph. He came over my apartment and we chatted before our cyph. Everything felt okay until we cuddled in bed. Somehow we started making out and I felt his hand pressing hard on my shoulder. He wanted me to give him oral but I managed to not do it. The aggressiveness of his hand scared me but I didn’t pay attention to it. We then transition to the position most men enjoy “doggy style” , he was aggressive and started to hurt me. I said “NO” and there was no answer. His hands just gripped on my hips and I felt like there was no way out. Finally I saw an opening, he slowly released his hands and I broke free. Fell forward and he just grabbed me again and put his thing back inside aggressively. I never felt so much pain, hurt and fear. He just kept going and going and ignoring me. I managed to escape and ran into the bathroom, fell to the floor and cried in silence. I just wanted to hug myself. I couldn’t sleep in my bed, I had to move out the apartment to not relive the memory I did that night. I felt that no one believed me because I was under the influence of drugs. I tried to forget but it haunted me to this day. I know now it was never my fault and he should have stopped. He is twice my size plays basketball at the University of Miami. It has taken time to heal and have the courage to even tell my story right now, I don’t know if I can ever identify him but describing some facts about him may give out the answer. And that’s fine with me.

I cried writing my story, but I want to thank you because sexual assault is no joke. No one really wants to talk about it and we should. It’s a horrible moment to live and other women should support each other. Thank you.

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