Anonymous- 14

In november of 2021 i went to an indoor trampoline park with a few of my friends. my best friend’s friends came and we were all have a really fun night hanging out together. i called one of the boys fine, not thinking anything of it, and he ended up finding out and saying to meet him somewhere. i didn’t want to but my best friend dragged me there, where no one could see us. upon going up to him he called me easy and called me names. then the assault started. he started to force me to makeout with him and he forced his fingers into my pants. i kept saying no and stop and screaming but he’d put his lips against mine so i’d shut up. i tried pushing him off but he was much stronger than me. tears started rolling down my cheeks until i finally got away.

this made me feel violated, unsafe, and depressed. id say that it is absolutely NOT your fault, no matter the circumstance and do not let your assault define you.

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Bayleigh- 18

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Nicole- 23

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