Anonymous- 15

I was 15 and had a boyfriend who was two years older than me. A mistake, I know. We decided to spend that New Year’s eve at his house. I was helping his mom with a DIY project that she would later use for her business. She felt it was right and okay to provide us with alcohol and although I did not like the taste or feeling of it, i drank it because my boyfriend told me nothing would happen if I did. That I was safe and didn’t have anything to worry about. later on that night, just around 11:30, I was drunk enough to be giggly and all happy. We were hugging and kissing until her started pushing to go further. I kept saying no. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to do anything more. He told me to have a couple more drinks and I did because I trusted him. Not that long later, he raped me. Twice. The whole time I just kept saying no. I didn’t want this. That his mother would come and see. But it didn’t matter. I was 15 and barley knew what it even was. He told me it’s what boyfriends and girlfriends are supposed to do. I went home that night and did not speak about it for two years because I was convinced that he did nothing wrong.

I would just say I am sorry. I am so sorry for the immense pain and trauma that going through that has caused you. And i do hope you can find a peace of mind at some point in your life.

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