Anonymous- 17

I knew this guy from my high school and everyone worshipped him. He was the kind of guy who walked into a room and everyone was instantly in a better mood. He was one of those really happy positive trustworthy people. He was friends with a guy I had talked to before and was always nice to me. He heard i was going through a rough breakup and reached out to me saying he wanted to get me out of the house and cheer me up. I didn’t think anything of it, he was a sweetheart. So we hang out and just talk for hours, after hanging out with him for the first time I just felt better. I felt comfortable with him, the anxiety went away when I was in his presence. So we decided to hang out again the next day. We were supposed to go get dinner but he took me to a dark parking lot at a bar. We’re listening to music and talking, nothing too sketchy. I genuinely wasn’t concerned and wasn’t expecting to be assaulted the way I was. I told him no and he didn’t seem to hear me so I told him again. And again. This guy was a 6’4 shredded gym rat athlete, I’m 5 foot and not very strong. This wasn’t the first time I’d been through something like that so I knew what was going to happen as soon as the first no was ignored. I knew it wasn’t a fight I’d win so I gave up. My family wanted me to file a report, but I knew the stereotype. Star athlete gets accused of SA and nobody believes the girl. I didn’t want anyone to know.

I felt disgusting, I felt like trash, I felt ruined. I want others to know that none of that is true. It isn’t your fault no matter what you wear. I was wearing an oversized sweater and some yoga pants. Everything was covered. It isn’t your fault.

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