Anonymous- 20

When I was 14 I snuck out of my mom’s house to go hang out with this boy I liked. When I had left I saw that it was actually him and his two friends but I didn’t think anything of it. We walked to the park and that’s when it happened. On the playground floor in the bark at 3 in the morning. They took turns assaulting me and I tried to tell them to stop. I wanted to scream and yell at them but the words couldn’t even leave my mouth. I felt like I had knots in my throat. After that I walked home alone and when I got home I laid in bed and cried. I’ve never told anyone what happened that night. I feel like it’s my fault for leaving, that it was my fault because I snuck out at night and walked into a trap willingly like an idiot. I feel like it’s my fault because I didn’t tell them to stop enough I didn’t fight back enough. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell anyone because they’ll think it was my fault and that I let that happen to me.

I would tell them that I know it’s not their fault. And that I believe them. Regardless of what happened, it’s not your fault. Nobody has any right to your body no matter what.

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Bayleigh- 18

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