When I was in 6th grade a new girl came to school. She was put into my home room and we instantly became friends. After a couple weeks of knowing each other she started getting a little bit weird. She would make comments all the time about me and my body. At the time I had just recently came out to all of my friends that I, a woman liked other women. I would catch her staring at my body and one day she started touching me in places I did not want to be touched. As a 11-12 year old girl i didn’t really understand what was going on. She kept doing this for the rest of the year and when we finally went on summer break I was so relived. Every time she had touched me I just froze. I feel uncomfortable with touch anyways, but this just felt wrong. When we came back from summer break she instantly started doing it again. I just couldn’t catch a break. My friends and teachers would watch her do this every single day but no one ever said anything. After a while we thankfully stopped being friends. But she was still in all my classes and now several years later she’s still in my favorite classes and I never feel safe in them. Because who knows if and when she’ll decide to do it again. Two weeks ago she moved away and I’ve never been happier at school. But what she did to me still lives in my head. Certain places at school make me remember. It just makes me feel disgusting. My friends completely brushed off what she did to me and I started thinking that I was just overreacting to the situation. I don’t think that I was of am. She put me in such a low spot in my life that I didn’t know I could escape from. She made me dread every day. That’s not something that should be considered overreacting. Is it?


This made me feel terrible. I would say to stay strong and keep fighting because it will put you down for a while but it will eventually get better

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