I stayed quiet for years but I wish I could go back and tell younger me to get justice and speak up that someone would believe me and to not let the guilt silence me. What started as a nice relationship with gifts and dates quick changed after a short few months and turned to physical and sexual assault I blamed myself for the change . I didn't accept I was victim to a serial rapist until I found a journal and read the things done to me confirming it wasn't just in my head. He would drug women and rape them while the weren't coherent and I was victim to that many times he'd steal all my money to get to work and often times make me miss work locking me I'm a room till I'd lose jobs. Until I got the courage to run away while he was at work I threatened to expose his journal but I never seemed justice for myself and he's still free . Deonte Brown is a free serial rapist walking San Francisco . And I hope one day the woman who were victim to him get justice like myself and someone believes us

Used it has hindered my life for years while he's got to live happy , I struggle everyday

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Bayleigh- 18

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