Anonymous- 17

In sixth grade a boy in my class, a long with his friends, would make sexual comments to me everyday. They’d walk behind me to look at my butt and tell me I have the fattest ass etc. one day in my science class one of the boys told me that he wanted to smack/grab my ass so bad and his friends dares him to actually do it. The rest of class I was paranoid and watching my back. Once I sat my bag down at my next class he came up behind me and slapped/grabbed my ass. He did this in front of other students and teachers and somehow no one saw. I told my teacher and he got suspended for one day and after all my friends and peers at school despised me. Even my parents made it seem like it was my fault, til this day they make me feel like it is. The same kids best friend would also put his hand in my thigh and move it upward. This would happen in class and it felt wrong but I knew no one would care.

It made me feel worthless and as if I don’t have anything else to offer but my body/looks. But if you feel the same just know that you are worth so much more and you have the strength inside of you to fight for yourself. We are so much more than just a pretty face.

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Bayleigh- 18

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