Anonymous- 16

I had just moved to a new school & i had no friends, this guy kept looking at my in our class. i then got a notification later that night. he followed me on instagram. he texted hey, we agreed to hangout at lunch and walk around. while we were walking he went behind me and grabbed my neck and kissed my head. i felt extremely uncomfortable and told him to stop. he then grabbed my waist with one hand and touched my private part and my butt. i pushed him away and walked back to the school. i sat beside him for the rest of the semester because i was afraid that the teacher would know and think wrongly of me.

it made me feel like i couldn’t protect myself. every time i saw the message he sent “did you like what i did today” i would vomit in my mouth and start crying. i stopped showing up to school because i couldn’t stand the smell of his cologne or sitting beside him. if this has happened to you, please speak up about it. i know it’s hard but it just eats you alive if you don’t tell someone.

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Bayleigh- 18

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Nicole- 23

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