Anonymous- 14

I never really felt like I was able to share this since it never happened to the extreme that others go through so it felt like I was being dramatic and like nothing really happened. Throughout my childhood I was picked up by a family I knew well and their daughter who is 3 years older than me was my best friend. Her brother, who is 6 years older than me, would ask if he could grab my thighs in exchange for him doing something for me. One time we were play fighting and he got down on the ground and held my leg and thigh tight. He wouldn't let go and he kept his face close to my leg. I screamed and kicked and tried to move but he wouldn't let go and my best friend just stared at me while I was begging for her to get him off of me. This is just one time this has happened. This was 2 years ago and since we were both minors no one really cared. I tried to people and most of them blamed me and said I made it up. The few who did support me eventually stopped talking to me and now all I have is my dad. I never felt like this was real assault and I still don't sometimes because he never tried to r/pe me, nor did he attempt to touch me any where else.

I felt scared and alone. When it first started happening I tried to tell people and they brushed it off so I felt like I couldn't talk to anyone. I felt uncomfortable alone with him and I felt betrayed because I viewed him as a brother who would protect me. I would say that no matter what, someone out there cares about you and you're not alone. There are people who will advocate for you. If you feel lost or alone and this is happening to you please tell a trusted adult or friend.

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