Alea- 22

I went for a run, and I seen this boy who was about the same age as me. He was crying and he was super vulnerable. He threw a glass bottle in the road (it was a main street road) close to my house. I stopped and talked to him and he was saying that he was about to get his daughter taking away and I asked him his name and his age and where he lived and he was chill. I didn't think much of it. We were close in age and we talked for about 2-3 hours before the assault happened. He didn't give me weird vibes, he was super chill. It was already late so I asked him if he wanted to go talk in my car because it was cold and we go to my car, he tried to kiss me and I told him I wasn't interested. When I told him that he was cool about it. sill no weird vibes, maybe an hour passes and he tries again. This time he forces himself on top of me. I tried pushing him off, every time I hit him, he would hit me back. I remember crying to him and saying "what if I was your daughter, what if someone was doing this to her." he didn't care at all. He kept telling me to shut up and this lasted for almost 3 hours. He beat me so bad to the point that he broke my nose and slip my eyebrow apart. I was honestly afraid that I was going to lose my life. I do have my full story on my IG page @Ajunebug1

How did this make you feel? What would you say to someone who has been through the same thing?

I felt like a piece of me was taken that I'll never get back. My life has changed drastically.

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