I was working for a while and had a co worker who harassed me. For weeks it went on like this until it went too far. He touched me in a very inappropriate way. He told me if I ever told anyone I and my fam would be hurt. For 3 years it went on like this. In addition any time I fought back I was hit or shoved often causing injuries. That's all

I felt awful and worthless. For those put there who have been through this I know it doesn't seem like it but it gets better. You can heal and grow as a person and that nobody can ever tell you otherwise

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Bayleigh- 18

I was sexually assaulted by a family friend I called my grandfather. Every summer i would go and visit him and his wife for the...

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Nicole- 23

I was 7 playing hide and go seek with my brother and cousins. I was hiding with my oldest cousin (15) when he forced his...

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