Kalei- 19

I was 14. A family friend was the only person I would smoke weed with. Of course kids experiment. He was 19 I believe. His name is x. He was like my brother. A trusted person in the family He laced the blunt with cocaine. I was zoning in and out waking up to holding his hand. Having his hands on my waist and much more. I was freaking out so bad he took me back to his college to show what he did. I was also tweaking so bad he couldn’t succeed I guess. The next day he did the same to my cousin but she was able to fight him off she was more awake than I was . While she was tweaking out he stated the fact “ you are acting just like kalei did that’s why I couldn’t do this” that night she came back crying an emotional wreck she was terrified she was more worried about me since I was her cousin. I was confused why they were asking me all these questions because again I was zoning in and out throughout the night but then I put two into together and realize what happened to me

How did this make you feel? What would you say to someone who has been through the same thing?

Terrible, scared, alone, and guilty. I would tell them they are so much more than a piece of meat and your feelings are valid. Seek support please. Tell friends and family when you are ready. You aren’t alone and again. IT WASNT YOUR FAULT AND YOU DIDNT Deserve it.

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