Jazlyn- 21

When I was 16 years old I got a boyfriend. I thought he really liked me. We we’re together for a couple months and one day we were hanging in my moms basement and he asked me if I wanted to have s3x. I obviously declined because it scared the sh!t outta me. Not just because we were in my moms basement but because I had never done it before. I didn’t feel comfortable. He said “why don’t I just eat you out instead” I was like sure… (I had never done that before either) well during that he comes up to kiss me and while he’s kissing me he had undone his pants. Next thing I know he had my hands held down and his mouth was suctioned to mine. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t yell. Nothing. He had me pinned. What felt like an eternity only lasted a minute or two. When it was over I ran to the bathroom and threw up, I put my clothes back on and sat quietly on the couch. He asked me if I was ok but I didn’t respond so eventually he gave up and said he was leaving. I never wanted to have s3x ever again but he kept doing it even after I said no. He was very manipulative. I stayed with him for over a year when finally he had to move. I was so thankful that he was gone. To this day he still casually messages me even though I’m married and have kids. He’s a disgusting pos human. I’m not entirely sure how many women he has done this to but I know of two other girls who experienced the same thing with him.
How did this make you feel? What would you say to someone who has been through the same thing?
It made me feel dirty and disgusting. I was diagnosed with depression not to long afterwards. I would tell people not to give up. Your cells reset every 7 years. So after 7 years you’ll be in a completely new body. Life gets better. I have an amazing husband and amazing kids. It’s been roughly 5 years since it happened but life 100% gets better. Never give up.

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