Destiny Brower- 15

It started when I was in kindergarten. It was someone I could trust my life with. It was my step father. He did it when my mom wasn’t home and I wasn’t in school. It continued almost every day till I was 12. He would give me an iPad to keep me distracted the first day. He told me it was a game, I was only young I didn’t know what was happening. He waited till my mom was home and told me to be quiet and ask her to give me a bath. The second time it was before bed. I was laying down almost a sleep and he came in and touched me there and put his head there I didn’t know what to do. I was crying because I was scared and he told me to be quiet so I was. Skip forward a few years it was still happening but he married my mother at one point I don’t remember exactly because I wasn’t there and I was older but not yet 12 I may have been 10 but he still did stuff to me and I started being more distant. My mom never noticed. I stopped wanting to go to the store with them (I always loved to go). I stayed in my room. At one point him and my mom had two girls twins. I loved them but one day they were maybe 4 and he had his other kids over. We were all on a bed and he started touching my area without a care and he put his thing in-between my legs then did his thing. And after he yelled at me to get a shower. Another time was I stayed home from school I was very sick. We were on the couch he moved me onto of him and he touched me. Another time he touched me on the couch my mom was right next to us. I had a lock in my door and he would come in do his thing and lock the door. I was afraid. This one time I saw him hit my little sister Bc she did something wrong. I interrupted him Bc I didn’t want him to do it to them that night he used my body more than normal and I was so scared he also tried to rape me that night. It was very traumatic. I know this is sa but he raped me once and when I told the police that they didn’t believe me. another time he touched my sisters and that is when I broke. I went to my friends house and I stayed over and I couldn’t hold it in anymore they called the cops in the morning. Before I told someone I texted him and asked if he was home Bc I didn’t want him to be. After I talked to the cops I didn’t go home at all. Until my mother called me and told me to come home Bc they are there. I finally told my mom and I was taken to the hospital to get looked at and they touched me there and no one still believed me. I was scared so much. But I’m 15 now it’s been a few years. My mom said It was 4 years ago. I’m finally getting help but I’m glad to share my story.


I didn’t feel ok at all but I’m getting better. And I would talk to them and make sure they are ok and reassure them that they are safe. I would feel horrible for them.

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