Anonymous- 14

my first boyfriend sexual assaulted me i was young and he told me he was a virgin (wasn’t actually) we had been together for a couple months and he had been pushing me to say yes and i finally did right from the start i could tell i didn’t want to i told him to stop and when i looked at his face i just knew he wasn’t i started crying i kept telling him to stop and if i did things like kick him off of me he wouldn’t talk to me and i thought it was my fault. this happened for a few more months and then i realized what was happening to me i got out of that relationship and took a really long time to myself to heal but it definitely makes me sad for my childhood i had to grow up to fast

if i could talk to someone who has gone through the same thing i’d tell them it isn’t there fault even if they didn’t get out sooner and when your older it sucks looking back and realizing you were manipulated so young into things like that but don’t let it overtake you♥️

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Bayleigh- 18

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Nicole- 23

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