Anonymous- 24

My older sister sexually abused me starting as early as 6 years old(I’m female too). some of my first memories are of her harming me. Basically for as long as I could remember she’d make me touch her and her touch me. She was 4 years older so she got the sex Ed talk sooner than I did. It finally stopped when I was about 11 and big enough to stop her. She also exposed me to pornography during that time, and when my parents were away she’d lock me in the room with her while she watched it and touched herself or made me touch her. I fought pornography addiction until I was 21. I finally got help and admitted to my parents what happened when I was also 21, but they never said anything about it and still won’t acknowledge it. I don’t know if they just can’t process that it happened under their noses or if they actually knew about it and never did anything. My sister is now living on the streets and she’s not legally allowed to contact me (for a different reason) but it’s finally a form of justice for me.

How did this make you feel? What would you say to someone who has been through the same thing?

I feel like it’s made me stronger. I do still have resentment towards her and a bit towards my parents as well, but I know through me forgiving her and them, it sets me above them. It gives me more control and more power to know I will not let it define me. My pain does not define my heart, my mind or my soul. I am not my past.

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