Anonymous- 20

I was heavily intoxicated and a man was forcefully bringing me back to his room. I kept saying I didn’t want to go with him, and I felt like I would pass out so I laid in the hallway outside his room. As he went to go get the key to his bedroom, his roommate stood next to me and asked if I was okay. I said no, and that I didn’t want to have sex with his roommate and that I was very drunk and wanted to go home. He told me not to worry, and that his roommate was a lot of fun. The two of them carried me to his bed, and his roommate went back into the hall while the man forcefully touched me while I said no over and over. I finally screamed at him and threw him off of me, telling him I wasn’t having sex with him and he could let his roommate back in the room. I waited until he fell asleep and ran away.

How did this make you feel? What would you say to someone who has been through the same thing?

Every time I think of it I feel nauseous and dizzy. I think of everything I could have done differently. It’s never the survivors fault. I wouldn’t blame someone else for being in this same situation, so why blame myself? 

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