The Beginning

After coining the word Spicy as a look, John King founded Spicy Wear in his college dorm room at Florida Atlantic University, with only one hat. King, defined Spicy as a look that combines sharp, fresh and sexy, and wanted to make clothing that emulates this look. "Wear Spicy. Look Spicy. Spicy Wear."

Who we are now

With passion and dedication, Spicy Wear has grown into a high quality brand that specializes in an assortment of products. This growth comes from our commitment to our customers to produce exceptional wear.

Our Values

- Commitment to customers: If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. We want you to love the products you get. With that being said, we are focused on listening to our customers wants and needs to deliver a product that satisfies them.

- Quality: Dedicated to providing a quality experience from the website, to the packaging , customer service, and final product.

- Diversity: Committed to an inclusive brand and working with people of all different backgrounds.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the confidence of all who wear us by delivering products that fit and feel excellent.