Anonymous- 17

I was 11 at the time when it happened. I was coming home from school by subway since my parents couldn’t pick me. I was listening to my favourite song at the time caress your soul by sticky fingers. I noticed these two man in the corner of my eyes staring at me while tying my hair. I didn’t thing much of it at first but as time went by they kept starting at my. I couldn’t really understand why they looked at me but again I was so young I didn’t understand. When I stopped came, I had forgotten about them. As I stepped off the subway they cornered me and one of them grabbed my arm and dragged me into a dark corner. I had frozen in fear, I couldn’t breath nor think. They were feeling me up when I finally screamed and someone came to save me. He stayed me until I reached my stop and when I came home I didn’t say anything. It took me until I was 14 to say what had happen. I fell into a deep depression before even knowing what it was.

I resented myself for what had happened. I was so young, I had no idea that it would happen like that. Like I said I fell into a very bad depression because I kept it all to myself. Here’s what I want to say to someone that has lived the same thing. Please reach out, talk to someone. No one should have to suffer in silence like I did. I was scared people would blame me, I thought my parents would be disappointed or ashamed. But reaching out saved me. Talk to anyone. You are stronger than you think, you are not alone never ever forget that. I love u

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